FT-817 Mobile Mount Assembly Instructions
Extension Assembly   


Triangular Mount

Attaches to 817 Mounting Plate

Hardware Kit

From Top Clockwise,

Allen Wrench, Large Sheet Metal Screws, Allen Screw and lock washer, Three Machine Screws, Short Extension



Assembled Base Mount

Base & Triangular Mounts, Long & Short Extension

Long Extension Arm

FT-817 Mobile Mount


  • Mounting Plate

  • Base Plate

  • Extension Assembly – Consists of:

    • Triangular Mount

    • Base Mount

    • Long Extension Arm

  • Accessory Bag – Consists of:

    • 3/16” Allen Key

    • 4 Long Sheet Metal Screws

    • Short Extension Arm

    • Allen Head Cap Screw (for Short Ext. Arm)

    • 3 Philips Head Machine Screws (for Triangular Mount)

Note: The rest of the hardware in the bag is not needed.

Use the pictures as a reference for assembly. 

Mounting and assembly considerations

Remove the Triangular Mount from the Extension Assembly and attach it to the Mounting Plate using the 3 Philips Head Machine Screws.  

The Mounting Plate can be attached to the top or the bottom of the radio. You will have to remove the shoulder strap mounts. Use the side screws that hold the top or bottom covers on to attach the Mounting Plate. Start all of the screws before you tighten any of the down.  If you are using a top mount configuration, be sure you align the radio’s speaker with the round speaker opening.

Use the provided sheet metal screws to anchor the Base Mount to a flat surface in the vehicle or your shack. These screws will not be appropriate to all situations. You can use #10 hardware of appropriate length. Choose a mounting location carefully especially if drilling through the floor of your vehicle.  

The mounting hardware will permit you to assemble the mount in any number of positions.  

  • DO mount the radio in easy reach of the operator 

  • DO NOT mount it in a manner that will cause injury to yourself or your passenger in the event of a collision. 

  • DO NOT obstruct the path of air bags.