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19" (50cm) LED Light Strips w/Mounting Tabs

These bright white LED strips are great for station lighting, your camper, your truck or as emergency lighting. You can make the XYL happy and use them under the kitchen cabinets!  Output is approximately 200 lumen. Input is 700ma at 12V DC. The strip will operate as low as 10V. Voltages above 15V are not recommended.  Each strip comes with two plastic end caps to allow for easy mounting. The strips are wired at each end and can be daisy chained together.

Each 3 LED segment is a separate lamp. You can use a band or jeweler's saw to carefully cut between the pads to create a custom fit for your particular lighting application! Minimum size for use with the plastic end caps is 6 LEDs.

Specs: 11-15v DC, 600ma, Fixture length is 50cm (approx 19"). Each 3 LED segment is 4.1cm/ 1.675". Light output is equivalent to an 12watt fluorescent tube.

LED Light Strip each $14.95

LED Light Strip 2 Pack $24.95

LED Light Strip 4 Pack $44.95

Plastic End Caps (2 per pack)  $2.00