EZ Gate

Hamsource has taken a good idea and made it better.

Change from your stations power supply to your backup battery at the speed of electrons! The EZ-Gate uses solid state switching using low voltage drop, Schottky diodes.  Simply plug in your battery and power supply. Distribute power from the Output. While your A/C mains are on your station runs on your power supply and the charge of your battery is maintained. The instant you lose power you are switched over to your back-up battery. Smaller  and more compact than similar devices, its a good fit for a go-box. Best of all, our design allows the use of the Anderson Locking Clips so your connections are safe and secure.

 This device is a perfect match for the EZ-4 or  Power Strips for complete station power distribution and backup.

The EZ-gate incorporates a 1amp current limited charger to maintain your backup battery. The device is rated for 40Amp continuous at 13.8VDC with a voltage drop of approximately 0.2VDC.

Dimensions: 2.75" x 5.25" x 0.875" heat sink. Max Height 1.5" to top of Anderson PowerPole.
Weight 6.0 oz.

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EZ-gate                                                                            $69.95
1 amp current limited battery maintainer. Includes 3 Locking Clips