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EZ-Gate 80

The ultimate in backup for your shack or repeater site. The EZ-Gate 80 is serious power handling for a serious station. Instantaneous, low loss power switch over from the DC supply to the backup battery.

One complaint I've heard over the years is that the 15/45 Anderson PowerPoles can't handle large gauge wire. Problem solved! The EZ-Gate can accommodate large gauge wire, simply crimp on the appropriately sized 1/4" ring terminals.

Other folks wanted a charge controller that could handle a large battery bank. Again, problem solved. The EZ-Gate 80 has a user selectable 10 or 20 Amp charge controller built in.

But wait, there's more! The EZ-Gate 80 also features our popular EZ-Meter built right in. The EZ-Meter will allow you to monitor the battery's voltage and charge current.

In addition, the EZ-Gate 80 has the following features

  • 120 Amp Schottky Diodes

  • Three LEDs indicate what mode the charge controller is in

  • Tri Color LED indicate system voltage

  • Commercial quality construction

  • Convenient mounting holes

  • Clear acrylic terminal shield (not shown in picture)

  • Includes 6 1/4" Ring Terminal for 10 Gauge wire (other sizes and custom cables available here soon!)

 The heart of the EZ-Gate 80 is a dual 120 Amp Schottky diode.

 This device is a perfect match for the RIGrunner 8012 for complete station power distribution and backup.

Download the Manual for the EZgate 80

EZ-Gate 80 OR-gate/Battery Charge Controller.       $189.95

Now shipping as fast as I'm building them!.