The EZmeter gives you the information you need in a compact package: Volts and Amps. Whether you are charging a battery, running your station or want to see the power consumption of a mobile installation the EZmeter gives you accuracy you need in a small package. The current sense is on the positive lead so you can use it with confidence in a mobile environment. In addition to the digital display there is a tricolor LED indicating the status of your station voltage. The LCD display can be backlit by pressing a button.

The EZmeter comes with attached 4 inch, 12AWG leads terminated in Anderson PowerPoles. 


Operating Voltage 6 - 20V
Amperage 10ma - 40A
Quiescent Current 15ma (150ma with backlight)
Current Sense Resistor 5 milli-ohm

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EZmeter $79.95



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