EZ Power Strip & EZ 5

The EZ Power Strip is the ultimate in power distribution for your shack. The EZ Power Strip features:

  •  8 individually fused outlets

  • The EZ Meter is built right in displaying Volts and Amps

  • Low voltage shut down. The EZ Power Strip is designed to shut down at 10.5V to protect battery systems. The system will automatically turn on when the voltage goes above 12.7V

  • A side mounted buss output allows connection of the EZ-5 Power Strip 

The EZ Power Strip comes with a 6 foot power supply cable, 12 PowerPoles, & 10 locking clips


The EZ-5 Power Strip was designed as an add on expansion module to the EZ Power Strip but it can also stand alone in the shack, mobile, or portable use.

  • 4 individually fused outlets featuring Anderson PowerPoles.

  • 1 fused USB outlet

The EZ Power Strip comes with 6 Anderson PowerPoles and 6 locking clips. Power supply cable is optional



EZ Power Strip - $174.95
EZ-5 Power Strip - $84.95

EZ Power Strip Combo - the EZ Power Strip and EZ-5 together - $244.95
Extra Power Supply Cable 6' - $12.95





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