EZ 4



The EZ-strip 4 is a compact power distribution point for in home, mobile or portable use. It features a fused input that can accommodate  any ATC/ATO fuse up to 40 amps and has Anderson PowerPoles for input and output.  It has a unique digital voltage display to allow monitoring of your supply voltage. The EZ-strip 4 includes 5 locking clips.

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EZ 5

The EZ-5 Power Strip provides compact power distribution for your ham shack, mobile or portable operations.

  • 4 individually fused outlets featuring Anderson PowerPoles.

  • 1 fused USB outlet

The EZ Power Strip comes with 6 Anderson PowerPoles and 6 locking clips. Power supply cable is optional

Windcamp Power Splitter

Designed by Eric, BG9DW, the Power Splitter is a compact PowerPole DC distribution bus. It features a rugged aluminum case, fused input and 7 fused outputs. It uses standard ATC fuses that can be change to suit your application. The Power Splitter comes with a selection of spare fuses, Anderson PowerPoles (30amp contact) and Scotch Lock self adhesive mounting strips.

DC Distribution Panels

EZ 4 Power Strip - $64.95

EZ-5 Power Strip - $84.95

Windcamp Power Splitter - $79.95

Extra Power Supply Cable 6' - $12.95




See our webpage for Anderson PowerPole options and crimp tools.

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