ADI, ALINCO, ICOM HT Interface cable for NOMIC

You asked for it, here it is. This cable will allow you to interface an HT to your computer using the ever popular RIGblaster NOMIC, Plus or PRO. Now you can use your HT for ECHOlink, ECHOstation, SSTV, Packet, APRS or any of the many popular soundcard software packages available. Hook up is fast and easy. Simply plug in to your HT and RIGblaster, plug in the jumpers according to the included diagram, and set up your sound card software.

The interface cable will with the radios above as well as radios that use the same speaker/mic connection. Cable for Kenwood and Yaesu will be available soon.

This kit includes the RJ45 to 3/32" interface cable, special PTT jumper and hook up instructions.

NOTE: This interface WILL NOT work with the RIGblaster Plug & Play

HT Interface for RIGblaster  S&H Included       $19.95


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