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 Telescoping Fiberglass Masts


Telescoping masts have been used by hams for some time now. The two draw backs have been strength and price. After some searching I have found a mast that addresses both issues.

My mast is made from reinforced, heavy walled, fiberglass. The tip, the weak point of any similar mast is twice as thick as any of the competition. Even better, mine has an eyelet at the top that allows easy attachment of your antenna.

The mast will support a variety of antennas like a half size G5RV, vertical dipole, "J" pole, Inverted "V", slinky or vertical wires. You can support small 2m or 70cm Yagi or quad on the thicker, lower sections.

This is a great antenna support for DXpeditions, portable or emergency ops. It can be rapidly deployed and may be a possibility for those who live in antenna challenged properties.

The mast is available in 31  foot lengths in BLACK, ORANGE and GREEN

I stock 28', 20' and 13' in BLACK only.

Instructions for the Jackite Mast
Pictures of Mast in Use
31' Mast Color Black $79.95
42" collapsed, 4 lbs
31' Mast Color Green $79.95
42" collapsed, 4 lbs
Backordered Until Sept 1
31' Mast Color Orange $79.95
42" collapsed, 4 lbs
Backordered Until Nov 1

28' Mast Color Black $69.95
42" collapsed 3.7lbs

20' Mast Color Black $49.95
46"collapsed, 2.5lbs
13' Mast Color Black $24.95
Collapsed 42", 2.0lbs