PWRbrite LED Lighting



The PWRbrite from West Mountain Radio is a high efficiency, low current LED light stick. The PWRbrite gives bright, blue/white light over a wide range of voltage. With full brightness starting at voltages as low as 10.5 volts, The PWRbrite will operate at voltages as high as 25 volts DC.

The PWRbrite is at home in car, boat or home and makes a great light for campers or those who want to live off the grid. The light mounts in two self-adhesive, quick release brackets that allow for easy mounting. The mounts let you aim the light and remove the to use as a work light.

The PWRbrite comes with a 6 foot cable terminated with PowerPoles, a perfect match for RIGrunner and PWRgate.

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PWRbrite LED Light stick with 6 foot cable     $39.99




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