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Phone 203-556-8700 Mon-Fri 0900-1700 EST

Domestic Orders

Payment -   I use What's PayPal? Click and find out. to securely handle all transactions. You can use any major credit card, checking account and of course your What's PayPal? Click and find out. account to pay for your purchase.

Shipping & Handling -   Most items will ship USPS Priority Mail in the US. Heavier items and some batteries may be shipped via Fedx Ground or UPS. 

Returns & repairs: Please contact me for before returning any merchandise. In most cases warranty service is direct from the manufacturer.


Foreign Orders

Do not use the PayPal shopping cart. Send me your order via mail and I will send a Pro Forma Invoice

Payment -

Orders  can be paid for via What's PayPal? Click and find out.  and I will send a What's PayPal? Click and find out. invoice.

For all other orders over $400 or if you do not wish to use  What's PayPal? Click and find out. please send payment by check payable from a US bank . Use Global Express Mail or another trackable method to send payment. 

You may also pay by wire transfer. If you use wire transfer your are responsible for all transaction fees. Banking information will be included with a Pro Forma Invoice. In general, sending a check is the least expensive way to proceed.

Shipping & Handling - Orders to will be shipped by USPS Global Express Mail or USPS Global Priority Mail. If these services are not available to your particular country or if insurance is not available I will not be able to ship to you. While DHL, UPS and other courier services may be available they can be exorbitantly expensive. These couriers charge their customers an agent fee for bringing packages through customs.

Customs - All items must be and will be properly declared. Items can not be insured for more than the declared customs value.

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