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Speaker Mic and Clear-Ear earpiece

Slimline Speaker Mic

Clear-Ear Surveillance Earpiece

Yaesu Waterproof

Yaesu, Icom, Alinco Straight (YIA-A)
Icom Angle(I-A) Kenwood (K)
Yaesu 4 conductor(Y4)
     Yaesu Waterproof
Slimline speaker mics for many of your favorite handhelds. Mics feature a 3.5mm jack for audio output. If you have done any public service events, especially when there is a crowd, hearing your radio can be challenging. The Clear-Ear surveillance earpiece plugs into that jack solving that problem.


To order, pick the style of plug you need for your radio

Slimline Speaker Mic $18.95
Select your connector
Connector Style
Clear-Ear Surveillance Earpiece $12.95
3.5mm jack, 1m overall length
Waterproof Speaker Mic $34.95
VX-7,VX-8 & others