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Thinlite 18 Watt Light

18W/12V fluorescents by ThinLite. If you're looking for an off the grid light source for you're house, shed or cabin here it is. Great light for your shack, camper or cabin, the Thinlite Model number 951BP with RFI supression. Thinlite makes high quality lights for use in some of the toughest mobile environments out there. Comes with 18 feet of heavy duty 16/2 zip line and a cigarette lighter plug attached. Nothing to assemble, but there are 4 mounting holes in the back of the case. Anodized aluminum housing and clear acrylic diffuser lens provide high light output. Replacement bulb is easily had from Home Depot. Draws 1.5A. Measures 13"x4-1/2"x1-1/2"
Thinlite 18 Watt 12v Light $19.95