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Throw Bag Kit with 150' Slick Line

Throw Bags are the way that professional arborists place messenger lines into trees so they can pull up their climbing lines. With a little pratice you can throw a line up to 50 feet into a tree branch. Accurate throws of up to 75 feet are possible.

The throw bag is high visibility pink, weighs 16 oz. and is filled with steel shot. The weighted bag drops easily through branches and leaves. When pulled back through branches it's less likely to wrap around branches than fishing weights.

Unlike fishing line, the Slick Line included in the kit pulls easily through tree branches and can be used to support the full weight of an antenna. It's an ideal support for temporary antennas. It resists tangles and can be stuffed into a bag or coffee can for easy deployment.

The kit includes:

  Only $29.95


Extra Slick Line

  • 150'
  • Great for stringing up portable antennas
  • Excellent addition for your "Go Bag"
  • Does not include weight

Only $14.95