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Windtalk Mk 2.3
Gypsy Adjustable Dipole

The Windtalk  Windom Antenna is the classic off-center fed dipole antenna designed for the portable operator in mind. It's lightweight but strong, comes with a clear lexan winder and carry band. The best part is you get no tuner needed operation on 6/10/15/20/40 meters. The antenna is approx 70' overall, weighs 1.2 lbs. The antenna can be erected as a flat top, sloper or inverted "V".

The Gypsy Adjustable Dipole is about the same size and weight as the Windom but features classic dipole operation. The end winders allow you to fine tune the antenna to resonance on the band you want to operate as well as the configuration. Again this antenna can be deployed as a flat top, sloper or inverted "V".

Download the Windtalk Manual here

Download the Gypsy Manual here


Windtalk Windom Antenna $65.00

Gypsy Dipole $70.00